Garam Masala

110g coriander seeds
110g cumin seeds
50g black peppercorns
30g cassia bark
30g cloves
30g cardamoms, brown
15g nutmeg
10g bay leaves
15g ground ginger

Lightly roast all the inredients except the ginger in an oven at gas mark 3 (325C). Do not let the spices burn they should give off a light steam and release their aromas.
When they have started to release their aromas, about 10 minutes remove from the oven and allow to cool.
Once they are cool using a pestle and mortor or coffee grinder grind the spices to a powder. Add spice mixture and ground ginger together mix thoroughly and keep in a airtight jar away from the sunlight and it will keep indefinitely.

This recipe came from Curryholics Cult