About Me/F.A.Q.

Hello to all my valued guests! This page is designed to give a little information about me and to answer any questions that may be sent in.

First a little about me:

  • I was born and raised in New York. Recently moved down south and the weather here is wonderful. Its great living near the ocean, and having such great weather. NO snow ta worry about... giggles.... Sorry to all those of you who do get snow.. the giggles were merely a gesture to those who I personally know still having to deal with it, nothing personal.

  • At age 16 I began working at the University, in the kitchen, as a weekend salad person. My primary responisbility was to keep the salad bar stocked and prep. ahead for the next day. I found that I really enjoyed working in the kitchen setting, and continued this job through all of high school.

  • Upon graduating from high school, I left for college as a Business Administraion majour. I found that I wasn't really thrilled with the amount of Economics that was required for that majour, and so my second semester, switched to Hospitality Management.

  • While doing this degree, I was required to do work study. So as a result of that requirement, I returned to work at the University that summer, and completed my work study receiving an A++ grade, which is the highest grade on the work study. While doing the work study, I was trained in management responsibilities, inventory, cost control procedures, ordering, waste control, sanitaion laws and more.

  • I gratuated college in 1991 with an A.A.S. (Associates Applied Science) Degree in Hospitality Management. I was ranked in the top 20 in my graduating class.

  • Upon graduating, I yet again returned to work at the University where I worked as a merchandiser (for a time) on the vending machines on campus. Then was promoted to P.M. Cook. Along with another cook, I was in charge of preparing meals for 400+ faculty and staff, we worked wedding receptions, banquets and other catered events.

  • I've also worked at several smaller volume establishments as a line cook, where food was prepared to order.

  • So as you can see, my knowledge in not only Hospitality Management, but in cooking in general is extensive.

  • The goal of this site is to share my knowledge of food, cooking, and anything related to Hospitality Management, with you the reader. Please feel free to send me questions, comments or suggestions, and I'll be sure to post a reply to your question or comment in this section.

  • To contact me, please click on Contact Me in the top frame.


  • Lola Bunny
oops! Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Why did you create this site?
  • I created this site for many reasons. Firstly I really enjoy cooking and anything cooking related. Second, I created it because I like to share my knowledge of things I know with othere. Everyday each of us can learn new things, and theres always going to be a need to eat. I feel that this is a resource page for those not only experienced cooks, but for those wishing to learn.

  • How do I request information or recipes?
  • Thats easy, in the top frame, or for frameless users, in the drop down menu, click on Contact. Theres a form there that you can fill out, and click send, it will automatically email to me, and I will respond as soon as possible. Or on the contact page there is a listing of my messenger ID's and email addy, if you perfer to not use the form.

  • How do I submit recipes or other ideas to this site?
  • Again, thats easy! Use the contact form as I stated in how to request recipes or information. Or again, use my messenger ID's or email addy. I must state that anything submitted by you, you will be given credit for. I will not take responsibility for any information that you do not properly credit the source. That will be your responsibility. I will however state that this site will NOT tolerate warez, cracks, hacks, porn, or other offensive submissions.

  • What if I want to submit and you don't have a topic relating to my subject?
  • As long as its not offensive, or any of the items listed in the above question, its not a problem, Ill create the section for you, and post your submissions there.

  • May I print these recipes?
  • Sure, please do! Share not only the recipes, but this website as well with anyone you feel may be interested.

  • May I include these recipes in another collection of recipes on the web?
  • NO, not with out my written permission. I have spent alot of time researching these topics, and working on recipes. Most of these recipes are mine, or variations of published recipes, that I have altered to suit my tastes. I love to share my recipes as family and freinds always say, "Your a great cook!". So please, do not include these without my permission. Written permission will be granted assuming that I get credit for the recipes and ideas, and that a recepriprocal link goes back to my site. I'd be glad to in turn add a link from my site to yours as well!